10 ways how Jio changed India

Posted on : 2017-12-06 in technology
By Guru

We are going to look at the top 10 development that happened in India after the introduction of Jio. Reliance Jio was the first Indian company that introduced 4g Volte SIM in India. MUKESH AMBANI well knew about our Indian peoples mentality and he knew how to attract our Indian market, so he decided to give free SIM to everyone and it had a free voice call free messages and free 4G data till Dec 31 2016

  1. The first and the most important change was the cost of data pack in India. Before the launch of Jio other networks like Airtel, Vodafone ruled this segment with highly charged data packs nearly 200 per GB. but after Jio the scenario was totally changed it was drastically reduced to 10rs/GB
  2. India is the second most populated countries in the world, but before Jio the internet usage of India was very less, India ranked 150th out of 230 countries, but after the introduction of Jio it totally changed the scenario now India is ranked 2nd and the internet penetration in India is 34.4%
  3. The most of the data is used only for social networks because of our population, our population is 1,342,512,706 among these the internet users are 462,124,989 which was very less before Jio. And it has also increased the amount of YouTube viewers from India
  4. Still the literacy level of India is very low and there are lots of people with poor salary who are not able to use the internet and not able to know what is happening outside their city, but after the Jio the people's transformation in India shocked the other countries.It is like the mass transformation of manikam to basha in super star movie.
  5. The 4g networks are high data transfer networks for Jio the tower and the frequency are changed in India to access the fastest network (in India the frequency range of 4g LTE band-40 having 2300 to 2400 MHz)
  6. Jio has been using Volte for their voice calls which is like an HD voice call, before Jio we also used Airtel 4g but the Airtel network changes its network to 3g during voice call but Jio is the first network to access Volte voice calls in India
  7. Most of them say that Jio is slowest network it is not faster than others because Jio has not installed their 4g towers in all areas, but now Jio has tied up with Samsung to improve LTE services, including wider coverage and increased their network speeds now Jio is the fastest network compared to other networks.
  8. Now India has become no 1 country in mobile data usage. Jio users consumed more than 100crore GB per month on the Jio network and that's more than 3.3 core GB a day.
  9. Then it's also very useful for Indian companies, governments, students, middle class people and lovers also because it's giving free voice calls and data for less amount.
  10. Jio users consume nearly huge amount of data which is nearly equal to the whole of United States and 50% of China.

Indian government keeps talking about Digital India and keeps spending, revenue in that project, but still its own operator BSNL couldn't afford such cheap plans, but Jio being a private player has broken many records and pushed India to a great extent in a good path. And another achievement is that it has forced all the telecom players to make their plans cheaper and affordable.

And Jio is expected to launch their Fiber Net which is expected to offer 100 GB of data at a speed of 1Gbps and at a cost of just 500 We are so sure that within next 5 years there is going to be a huge development in this field and till that we should wait and supporting them and raise our voice against other telecom operator selling their phones at very high prices.



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