What are display refresh rates - Is it important

Posted on : 2018-06-05 in others
By Ajithkumar

Monitor or display refresh rates are one of the important aspects if you are in the field of gaming because it is the factor one which decides how smooth your transitions are going to be to change from one frame to another. Refresh rates are usually measured in terms of Hertz.

In simple terms refresh rates can be defined as no of times that particular screen can update with new information per second. In accordingly a 60Hz display can update the data that it gets 60 times per second similarly it applies to all other refresh rates.

In the above slow-mo GIF, you can see the difference between the different screens with the different refresh rates. Undoubtedly the 240 Hz display is the smoothest because it can update the data 240 times per second which results in the smooth transition. For example if you have 30 Hz display and if your game outputs data at 100 Hz there comes the problem of lag. Now you might think what is the advantage of these displays. Well, people who are deeply into gaming prefer displays with high refresh rates because it gives them an edge over while trying to shoot at their competitors who might have a screen with poor refresh rates and can lose the game in a small minute difference.

So a monitor with high refresh rates can solve your problem?

Totally no because though your monitor can update at such high speed the CPU and GPU should also be equally compatible to provide data at such high speeds. Having a 90 Hz display and if you have a poor CPU and GPU then you might end up in getting the same results. 

This is the reason why nowadays even the gaming smartphones come with displays that have very high refresh rates when compared to other normal smartphones which might have a poor refresh rate.

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