Install AC in your helmet - learn how this tech works

Posted on : 2018-04-30 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In this hot scorching sun driving your bike through heavy traffic is a very difficult task so in order to solve this problem group of enginers have designed a tech piece that can cool up the interior of your helmet by 6 to 10 degrees less than the ambient temperature.

The product name is called as the "BlueSnap" by the company named BlueArmour. This product has a simple design and dosent pack any rocket science tech in it but they have desgned it in a simple and innovative manner understanding the difficulties.

The technology involved is inspired from a air cooler so the device has a box like shell which has a battery a fan and a water resourvoir and it has a long elastic strap that can fit it on your full face helmet. The company claims that the battery can give you 10 hours of life which is lot enough for day to day usage. First thing is daily you have to fill in water in the water resourvoir and so while driving the fan which blows air through this reservoir and cools it while it travels and reaches inside the helmet this is how they have achieved it.

Company claims that it can even purify the air has it has filters in it so you can take in fresh and cool air and stay cool in this summer without getting headaches and other problem and you can enjoy your ride.

Talking about the price that this the only lace where we think most of the customers will be dissapointed they charge 1948 INR as of today which is a bit costly for a comman Indian man so if you wanna stay cool this summer then you can buy this product by clicking here.

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