Earn money each time when you unlock your phone - Learn here

Posted on : 2018-04-06 in mobiles
By Aayush

In today's world smartphone has become an important aspect of our lives, and we lock and unlock our phones several times a day. So here is a small trick how to earn a little amount of money by unlocking your phone each time.

First, you have to install an app called "Slidejoy" or you can get it by clicking here. Then you have to setup your account its a very easy step. What this app does is each time when you unlock your device it will show you a banner ad and you just have to swipe right and you can unlock the phone. This is how the whole system works. The money earned through this can be transferred into many ways of coupons or Paypal or can be even used to recharge your mobile phone.

In this app, there is even a mode called as a "Hero Mode" where the money which you earn through unlocking will be given to some charities nice right. In the beginning, you will get 20 carats as a sign in bonus and at the end of each day the carats will keep on increasing and this is a very simple trick so you cant become a billionaire but earn a very little amount of money without any effort.

There is even an another named as "Paid Unlock" where it works the same but here there are few additional ways you can earn extra money by attending surveys or installing certain apps and it also has the same redeeming features like slidejoy here you can even transfer it to your paytm account. Here you can even refer your friends and if they join you get 5% of their earning and they get some benefits too.

Click here to get the app in Play Store. If you would like to help me then use the code: 1313572850

Now you may have a doubt can I install both of them :P. The answer is absolutely yes you can install both of them and make a little amount for yourself or contribute to some charity and make the world a better place.

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