Youtuber tried to kiss Sophia the AI robot - What happened next

Posted on : 2018-03-31 in technology
By Ajithkumar

´╗┐Recently a youtuber named Will Smith uploaded a video named "Will Smith tries Online dating" which is all about him dating with the famous AI robot named Sophia which is the first robot to have a citizenship. Sophia is basically a robot that is completely built on Artificial Intelligence and has a very deep Neural network she is a humanoid robot and she is capable of showing 55+ human expressions and also many types of emotion.

Coming back to the video, the location was perfect for a date surrounded by the beach and the sounds of the waves. Firstly Will Smith pour a glass of drink for her and tried to give it to her but unfortunately, she refused to accept it and they continued their chat. Will asked her can I say a joke and Sophia gave him a sarcastic comment saying is it an irrational behavior for all the human beings and Will smiled at it and said the dumbest joke but surprisingly Sophia was able to understand it and gave him a wild look. Next Will came to the main scene he was about to kiss her and came close to her slowly when he was so close and about to kiss Sophia gave a ridiculous reply saying "Sorry we can be friends for some time and let us understand each other" hearing it Will got broken and all of them around started giggling and there the video was about to end at last Will sarcastically thanked the team of Sophia and said as she refused to kiss me I think your team haven't optimised her fully and gave a laugh.

This depicts how well Sophia has been trained for the outside world and from this, we can imagine how our future would be with so many humanoids around us it is us who have to become more clever before they overtake us for the better of our Earth. 

You can watch the full video here

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