JIO Prime Membership free for 1 year - Here is how you can claim it.

Posted on : 2018-03-30 in mobiles
By Ajithkumar

Today JIO announced it that they are going to extend the prime membership service to all the existing prime member for a period of one year. So if you are a prime member then you don't have to worry about it until the next year and you can enjoy uninterrupted services as usual and JIO also said that it is going to bring additional features for the prime members which will be revealed soon.


So if you are a JIO user and have prime membership download the "My Jio" app from the play store or the app store and simply just log in to your account and you have to show some interest on this scheme by giving your opinion and you are done this was the ways that where said by the officials.

But when we opened the MyJio app and checked it out at "My plans" there were no options of giving a suggestion. We think that if you are an existing user automatically after few days that column might get updated or get the option of giving your suggestion which was said by the officials, and some resources say that this offer is applicable only to those users who bought the membership last year but others say that the offer can be availed by users buying the membership before 31st of March so there was no clear picture on this detail. You can verify it clearly by calling your nearby Jio store or by having a regular check-in your My Jio app and do the above-mentioned steps if that particular option is available.

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