How to know what data Facebook has about you - A complete guide

Posted on : 2018-03-29 in others
By Ajithkumar

Recently you might have heard a lot about #deletefacebook controversy if not you can learn about it here. So in order to prevent your data breach, you can take an overlook of what are all the data that Facebook has about you and you are allowed to take action on each and every data like if you want to delete it you can so you can follow this guide which will help you out 


It is not that complex process to get it just a couple of clicks. You have to go to your settings on Facebook and under the general category you can find an option of Download a copy of your data you have to click it and you will be asked to enter your password for security reasons. For me personally, it took 1 hour to generate my data file and as soon as it was generated I got a notification on Facebook that it has been created and ready to download. Surprisingly I have been using Facebook for half a decade and it has a data file of about 1.1GB.  So let's take a look at what are all the options available in it you might be surprised after looking at certain data about you.


First thing you need to do is that find a file named index.htm open it by clicking it and a web browser will be loaded for you which is your dashboard for all your data on Facebook. Under the Profile category, you can some basic details about you like when did you create the account basically it has all the general details. If you look closely you can find a category named relationships under which you can find all the persons you have been in relationships and if you had mentioned it on Facebook. Sadly me being single from the beginning the column was empty and alone as usual.


Under the Photos tab, you can find all the weird and crazy and lovely photos that you have posted from the beginning of your journey and there are also some interesting details like from what IP address was this uploaded and it will have only the photos uploaded by yourself and same applies to the Videos tab. Under the Friends tab, you can find a list of all your friends and when you were connected to them and if you have unfriended them and added again it will show up two times.


This section had all the faces that Facebook has recognized it from your photos and shows you the count of it too. From this count, you can understand that Facebook used this many numbers of pictures for their machine learning purpose and has generated some results out of it.


You can see an Ads tab in the page clicking it will show you what are all your interest like they have figured it particularly like I was tagged with categories like technology and smartphones and science to a surprising extent there were even some interesting products that I have been tagged with. This shows how Facebook has a very deep understanding of you. You may wonder why and what it is used to. Based on this when someone posts up an Ad and if the Ad is related to your category then you might see that Ad and others who dosent have interest in that field will not be shown this Ad this is called as targeted Ads. 

There are also other details like Pokes that you have done on Facebook from the beginning. 


So this will have all the messages that you have sent and received from the beginning and for this, you have to come out of the web browser you have to open the messages that will be present along the HTML. In Messages > Files you can view all the files that you have been sent through the message it will have all the pictures and stuff which was interesting to look at.


This is a shocking thing only for the Android Users. If you have used an Android phone and Facebook in it while installing you might have granted permission to all the things it required in a hurry which you may realize now. In the Contact Info tab you can view all your contacts which is the first part and secondly, if you have granted a full access then it will even have all the messages and call history of your phone which was very surprising.


After taking a look at all the information you can take actions on each and every data like you can delete it if you don't like it to be on your Facebook anymore especially the call history and messages. Facebook says in future it will have more data about you like the comments and like you have made and also added that it will make it more easier for the user to delete the data.

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