What is #deletefacbook?- The story behind it-Are we being brainwashed?

Posted on : 2018-03-29 in others
By Ajithkumar

In the era of the online world, concern about the data privacy has become one of the most important criteria this was not the situation a decade before because the data of us that is being collected was not that much intense. But after the evolution of Facebook and immense growth of Google, they have started collecting huge amounts of data about their users and using it to make money so was the Facebook.


Basically, Facebook is not a culprit directly in this case. There is a company named Data Analytica which was the main culprit, what they did is that they created an app that helped them in collecting 50 million users data, then they used all these data in a certain way and showed them ads and the election campaign ads that were favorable to Donald Trump and they case says that all those people where indirectly influenced by those ads and brainwashed them to vote for Donald Trump shocked rite lets see how did they achieve it.


Data Analytica was started in 2014 it is a British data firm and one among the owners was Robert Mercer who was a Republic party donor and was playing a major part. Though the election was in 2017 this whole plan was laid well before by all these people. 


Data Analytica was the main culprit in two important event one is during the Brexit movement and other is during the US Presidential election in both the cases they used an immense amount of data and they where influencing them with directed ad campaigns.


In 2014, Dr.Aleksandr Kogan who was a psychology professor was paid an amount of $800,000 to create such an app that can collect complete detail of each individual on Facebook the name of the app was this is your digital life. This app was used and downloaded only by 2,70,000 users alone but what the app did is it took all the permission from the user and indirectly stole all the data about their friends too, alongside Kogan also offered a small amount of money to the users to answer a general survey like about their Bio-data and at the end they harvested 50 million users data and sold it to Cambridge Analytica.


With this huge data, the Analytica company made a psychological profile for each and every user depending on their preferences and other data. So after them knowing all the likings and preferences of every individual, Analytica started their targeted advertising depending upon their profile so they might show interest in it and all those ads were based on Donald Trump for examples like solving a key issue or fundraising and lots of services like this and based on their comments they came to know how and where the response was high in number so it helped Trump to have an election rally in that location.


Cheistopher Wylie was the main person who said out all the mischiefs that were done by Analytica. He was an ex-data analytics expert in that company what was is statement was that Facebook gave them excess data access facilities which helped them to a greater extent and Facebook is defending their position by saying that all the data where shared with the permission of the individuals and there where no data breach and they also added that the app was removed in 2015 itself as it is pulling a lots of data which was against their Policies.


So in today date data is the biggest currency making thing in the world which is well understood by giants like Facebook and Google. In this huge data-filled world, it is us who has to be safe and it is must for us to read all the policies of an app before granting them permission and moreover you should even be mentally strong and you should not be influenced by other so you can have a better and happier Internet life. After huge commotions, Facebook accepted that it was their fault for not having a security check of each and every app on what type of data are they pulling off. So now they assured that they will have a complete check of all the apps and ensure that all the data of the users are safe.

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