Google working on new OS to beat Apple's IOS??

Posted on : 2017-05-06 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In recent times the specification of the smartphones has been bumped up so much that even they can be used as a mini PC. But when those smartphones are used in our day to day life their performance is moderate when they are compared with apple smartphones, which has moderate specification when compared to android smart phones. The main reason behind this is due to the optimization of the OS that are used in the apple smart phones. So to eradicate this problem google is currently working on a new OS named fuchsia.

This may be a successor to android or may be a completely new OS, which is going to be used in our modern super phones.
The project fuchsia was started in the month of September and it is being developed by the engineers at Google. This OS is not based on Linux instead they are being built with the help of Google's own micro-kernel Magenta. The main motto of Magenta is to target modern phones and computers with high specs so to optimize the User interface and improve the overall performance And the apps are being written with Google's own Flutter SDK (Software Development Kit). Flutter SDK is one which can be used to build both android and IOS apps.

So now coming to the Ui (User Interface) Fuchsia's UI is called as the Armadillo. This UI will look like cards that are stacked one upon the other and the Google cards will be located at the bottom.

So this will result in better performance because the UI is very lite in nature, another feature of this OS is that we can add two to four apps to the multi window view,so it means that we can even use four apps at the same time.

And similar to IOS there is no home screen and the apps are represented in the form of cards from which the apps can be opened directly At the center we will have our profile tapping it will show our quick-toggles and other settings.

Since it's still in the developmental stage , Google has not mentioned from when it will be used in smart phones. It is expected by 2020 the OS will come to the market. And let's hope that android can outperform apple's IOS by that time


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