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Posted on : 2018-03-20 in others
By Ajithkumar

In today's world Internet has become a most vital part of our day to day activity and so even Google has become the most important thing because its the place where we type the questions and get perfect or related answers. Today lets see some of the hacks which might help you in searching things accurately and saving your time.

Whenever you type in a query what Google does is it searches for millions of queries you can learn in detail about Google Search Engine here

1. THE filetype:

If you are involved in a project or if you have to create a presentation then this tag will be useful, what it does is it will fetch all the files related to that specific format and displays it as the result ex: filetype:pdf Sunder Pichai. It will show you all the pdf related to Sunder Pichai which can save lots of time.

2. THE " "

If you want the search results to be exactly the same as what you describe then you can make use of the " "(Double Quotes) and type your question or queries within it ex: "majiatechs". Google gives you result that is related only to your search query and nothing else other than it which can save your time.

3. THE - 
While searching for something and if you want the results not to have a particular term then you can use type your query and add -(minus) symbol and type the word you need to exclude from the results ex: Linux distribution - Ubuntu. What it does it it will show you all the results excluding the word Ubuntu in it.

4. THE site:

Usually, while you type in a query and search for it then the google crawls millions of pages and gets you the results. If you want the result to be from a particular site then you can type site: followed by the website name and the topic you need to search ex: medicine. What it does is it fetches all the results from majiatechs relating medicine.

5. THE ~

If you want the search results to have websites related to a particular word rather than the exact word then you can use type in your query and use ~ symbol ex: apple ~. What it does is it will show all the results related to apple but not about apple.


If you want to search something that has happened long back ago then you can type in the query and use date range like 2008..2009 it will fetch all the data and posts during that region.

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