How does Pain killer works? How does it finds which part to cure

Posted on : 2018-03-11 in others
By Ajithkumar

´╗┐Have you ever wondered how a painkiller accurately finds which part of the body is damaged and how it rectifies ?. Basically, the working of the painkiller is so surprising and beyond the imagination. Humans metabolism helps it so much at each level to find and attack the right spot.

Let us assume that you have a back pain and you consume a painkiller what first happens is it travels and reaches the stomach and gets dis-integrated in the acidic acid or in simple terms let us assume as it has been converted to many small minute molecules.

These small molecules pass through the small intestine and then join the blood vessels and get fed into the veins which in turn reaches the liver. The next important step is pass through the liver which is a complex process, these molecules pass through the liver blood vessels and the enzymes tries to neutralize it, the damaged molecules gets converted metabolites which may be dispersed out through the urine and rest of them makes it way through the liver.

This blood having the molecules in it starts to circulate all around our body traveling through each and every parts and organ. When these molecules find a particular region of the body where the pain is high these molecules try to bind that location and prevents the compounds which help it sending the pain signal to the brain.

After the pain is completely healed the blood efficiently removes the molecules by passing through the liver and fraction of it gets converted to metabolites and this cycle is continued and at last, all the molecules are removed.

This is how the painkillers work efficiently and give us the immediate remedy. So the next time when you have an medicine you can share it with your friends how does it works efficiently and gives us a relaxed feeling. Do share your comments below.

Pic courtesy : Ted X

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