New features in Android P | Android 9

Posted on : 2018-03-09 in mobiles
By Ajithkumar

´╗┐Recently the developer version of the new Android version P/9 was released and is available to be manually flashed in the pixel phones. Let's take a look at what are all the new features in it.


Till the previous version of Android the GPS positioning was working like a charm but coming to indoor places like malls and conjusted markets the positioning was not that accurate so in order to solve it this version of Android has come up with this indoor positioning where it can help you position yourself accurately and share the location with your friends even in a mall or congested areas. This feature makes use of the new Wi-Fi protocol 802.11mc and RTT(Round Transit Time).


Recently after the launch of Apple's iPhone X the notch has become a trend in some of the smartphones. In order to support the notch style now, this new version comes with notch support which is available by default in this version and will help the developers to develop their apps according to the style of the notch.


This version of Android has a redefined notification panel where now you will be able to see the preview of the messages and even the picture which might be useful to many of us. In the notification panel, it also gives the preview of the previous conversation of  us with them and now it also gives us the option of smart replies like available in Gmail.

Besides this, there are also other new features like support for HEIF format so the transfer of photos between IOS and Android will be hassle-free as it converts it directly to JPEG during the transmission. Other features like native support for multiple cameras so it can help the user to access the multiple cameras natively. 

This is a very very early stage of development and there may be many more features upcoming. Still, only 2% of the whole Android Ecosystem is using the Android 8 while and most of them using Android 7 but we are ready to witness Android version 9. What do you think the name of the new Android version be and what version of Android are you using comment below.

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