Does extensive usage of smartphones gives you bad handwriting

Posted on : 2018-03-04 in others
By Ajithkumar

In today's world, we have been using the smartphones extensively, using smartphones extensively will affect your handwriting is it a fact or a myth. Basically, the first thing we should understand is that from when and how we start writing.

So almost all of them start and learn to write from the age of 2 or 3 depending on the environment. In such conditions, if we influence those kids highly by letting them use smartphones extensively for each and everything there are chances for them to have a bad handwriting when compared to others.

There is something called as a fine motor skill which is learned only in small age these fine motor skills are used for doing precise works like painting etc. Researchers have found that children a decade before had better fine motor skills when compared to children present today this is basically due to the existence of smartphones and tablets. Even if we don't write for a long time period and is using smartphones extensively there are chances to have a different and a bad handwriting because our muscles would have lost the old handwriting practice we had.

We can conclude by saying that it is not necessary that using of smartphones will result in bad handwriting it is only that using it too much from the childhood can result in bad handwriting. What do you think is it correct or wrong share your comments below.

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