How Mobile Jammers Work?

Posted on : 2018-03-02 in technology
By Ajithkumar

´╗┐In the era of innovative tech gadgets still, we tend to use some of the common gadgets in our day to day colleges like SIGNAL JAMMERS. These are used widely in many places like educational institutions, hospitals, jails etc.

This gadget works on a very basic principle. First, we will understand how mobile communication takes place. Usually, this a two-way duplex mode of communication where the mobile and towers transfer signals at a particular frequency too and forth simultaneously.

What these jammers do is it emits signals that has a frequency slightly higher than the frequencies at which the tower and mobiles operate, now what happens is the  signals from the jammer overrides the signal from the tower i.e the cellphones signals will not be sent to the tower rather it is sent to the jammer and now the total connection is lost between the tower and the mobile.

Using jammers which has a minimal amount of range is considered as legal unless or until it does not trouble others. But using is for longe range of distance is a crime in many parts of the world.

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