A phone that has fingerprint scanner for half the screen | VIVO APEX

Posted on : 2018-02-26 in mobiles
By Ajithkumar

´╗┐Today at the MWC VIVO unveiled their new smartphone packed with tons of innovation in it. We very well know that they are the one who displayed the first prototype for the under the screen fingerprint scanner. But today they launched their new smartphone named "APEX".

´╗┐This phone has an under the screen fingerprint scanner for which is not placed at a particular point but you can unlock your phone by touching anywhere on the bottom half of the display. Because of this new feature now they were able to have a full edge to edge display and it looks fantastic.

Now you may wonder if there is a full edge to edge display then what about the sensors and cameras. To solve this VIVO has come out with a brilliant solution that is elevating front camera. What it does is when you open your camera app a front facing camera will be elevated at the top of the phone and it is totally cool.

Next, for the sensors, they have gone all under the screen sensor. It also has another cool feature on this phone the whole screen behaves as an earpiece. In Mi Mix, they have used the piezoelectric technology to meet their problem but here VIVO has come out with their new tech where they make their whole screen vibrate and produces the sound.

Hope you liked the post the if so please do share it with your friends and share your opinion on this new innovation in the comment box. Since it is a concept phone it won't be making its way to the market any sooner.

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