How does the captcha work??

Posted on : 2017-11-06 in technology
By Ajithkumar

So basically you might have come across this CAPTCHA concept Have you ever wondered what is this and why should I enter the text there? So today lets learn what is CAPTCHA and how it works.

So first actually the term CAPTCHA is a short form so the expanded version is Completely Automated Public Turing Test to keep Computers and Humans Apart. Yeah its quiet long .
So there are many types of CAPTCHAs

  • Text box CAPTCHA
  • Image recognition CAPTCHA
  • Math solving CAPTCHA

So at the end of the 19th century, many search engines suffered a problem of the robots The robots usually mess up with the search engines by spamming so many of them were irritated by this And many robots were used for ticket booking and creating fake accounts. So in order to solve this problem Alta Vista one of the search engine sat down with their engineers and did research So they found that humans and robots differ only in optical character recognition so they made images with distorted texts and which made the work tough for the robots

So now you may wonder that nowadays robots are so sophisticated that they can easily hack into the server and get the answer So in order to solve that usually the answers for those CAPTCHA were rendered in your system As days passed by and robots are getting stronger and engineers keep coming up with different types of CAPTCHA

Have you ever wondered what does this type of CAPTCHA mean and how this protects robots from us? As this involves just a

click So basically it was developed by Google and the way it works is quiet interesting And it is based on cursor tracking basically humans make uneven cursor movements But in the case of robots they make smooth and perfect moves so it differentiates us from them
So this is all about CAPTCHAS hope from next time while entering a new CAPTCHA you may understand it


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