Galaxy S9 & S9+ || Can it replace a DSLR?

Posted on : 2018-02-26 in mobiles
By Ajithkumar

After all the hypes and rumours finally, the glorious S9 and S9+ are going to go live soon in the markets. First is first the most expected under the screen fingerprint scanner couldn't make its way to the generation but it has bundled a lot of new features with it.


The camera department has a lot of new innovations and features for all those crazy mobile photographers. The important one amongst them is the variable aperture which is first of its kind in a smartphone. This new feature will let the camera to allow more or less light into the sensor depending on the environment where the picture is taken. The aperture varies from f2.4 - f1.5 which will help a lot in low light situations. And you can physically see the change in the lense.

Courtesy : MKBHD

The second most cool feature is that it can take slomo video at 960fps at 720p which is crazy enough for great slomo videos. It can even shoot 1080p slomo at 240fps and 4k slomo at 60fps.

The next new feature is the so-called "AR emoji" which is similar to animoji found on iPhone X which can make cool animated videos/ gifs of yourself.

Talking about the colours it has three new variants "Lilac Purple","Midnight Black" and "Coral Blue".

Next new feature is the updated new Bixby which is not dumb and irritating anymore it can do lot new features like live translating of symbols and texts and many more.

Now coming to the boring part the S9 and S9+ is powered by Snapdragon 845 which is lot more powerful and power-efficient when compared to its previous generation it has a 4GB/6GB RAM on S9 and S9+ respectively and 64/128GB internal memory and expandable up to whooping 400GB. Both S9 and S9+ has the variable aperture lens with OIS and 8MP f1.7 front facing camera but the S9+ has a secondary telephoto lens like its previous generation and still, it retains the "HEADPHONE JACK" and has new stereo speakers one at the bottom and other on the earpiece and it is Dolby Atmos certified.  It retains the infinity display from its predecessor and has 5.8" and 6.2" AMOLED display for S9 and S9+ respectively. All of this is going to be powered by 3000mah and 3500mah for S9 and S9+ respectively. 

Talking about the security aspect it finally has changed the orientation of its fingerprint scanner to a vertical position and gets iris scanner from its big buddy Galaxy Note. And it is IP68 dust and water resistant.

The pre-orders are from March 2nd and it will be available in stores from March 16th. You can even book in advance here.

Do share your opinions and do you think is it worth for the money? answer below in the comments.

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