Why mobile data are costlier than broadband services?

Posted on : 2018-01-31 in mobiles
By Ajithkumar

While comparing mobile data and our usual broadband services the main reason for the huge cost difference is due to the technology used in it and the amount of principle spent on maintaining it.

For a mobile service provider to provide mobile data first he has to buy a spectrum of a specific frequency which will be sold via auctions and it will cost tons of money. On the other hand for a broadband service provider, he has none of these problems as all are done through wired and once installed it can be used for many decades.

But for a mobile service provider, the company has to set up lots of things as the network is completely wireless, there are many things like huge towers all around the nation for complete tower range and frequent maintenance of the tower so there is no connection problem with their customer and the company has to renew their spectrum at frequent intervals which again is a huge cost factor. 

Cost for setting up and maintenance are some of the main factors why mobile data is so costly when compared to broadband services.


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