How will a baby born in space be like?

Posted on : 2017-12-09 in others
By Ajithkumar

Well, this is something which no one will do then to let us be in an imaginary world where Mrs. Thalpakatti gives birth to a cute little baby named Boo. So let's see how he would be different.

Scientists have found that if something should happen like this then the reproductive system of human should be totally altered due to gravity. Talking about the baby the first and the foremost problem is that the baby may suffer from problems like muscle mass or even some heart problems.
Because astronauts in space do exercise daily as it is a compulsory thing in space otherwise they may also get these problems which a newborn baby cannot undergo.

The next thing is there also causing other mental issues like talking to them self and not having a stable mood because they have a totally new atmosphere.
The only good thing is that babies born in space will age less when compared to a normal baby on earth, which was proved by NASA's scientist by their "twin study". Well which can be considered as a small super power.


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