How does Google Maps predicts the traffic correctly

Posted on : 2017-09-21 in technology
By Ajithkumar

n your day to day life, everyone might have used the traffic feature in the Google Maps. Have you ever wondered how does this whole system work and Google be able to predict the traffic correctly?

In past days Google predicted the traffic on the basis of its past traffic records that is it used to predict the current traffic based on past traffic record. But this system was not so accurate as it cannot update itself if there some accidents or roadblock or traffic may differ time to time.

So in order to solve this Google thought of taking help from the people on the road. So what it does is it counts the number of mobile phones in that particular area this is done with the help of mobile towers. Based on a number of devices in that part of the road it is able to predict it perfectly.

Now you may wonder how it is able to say information about roadblocks and accidents. So this is done with the help of the application called Waze it is crowdsourcing information collectors bought by Google.

So this is how Google predicts the traffic and makes your day a happy one.


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