Blueborn Exploit explained

Posted on : 2017-09-14 in others
By Ajithkumar

In the world of sharing and growth of technology along with the growth, it has also become easy for hackers to find a new way into your phones even without your knowledge.

Previously hackers used tricks like sending infected links to click or malware ad and make you click and your phone gets affected by a virus.

But this new type of technology called as Blueborne Exploits it doesn't even need your help for the hackers to get into your phone. Just your Bluetooth is enough for them.

Usually for a Bluetooth to get paired it needs your permission but with this Blueborn exploit hackers easily get connected with your phone without your permission and gets paired with your mobile.

After this, they transfer malware and other viruses even without your knowledge through your Bluetooth.

Nearly 5.3 billion people have been affected by this problem.
Knowing this all smartphone companies have been releasing a security patch to fix this bug. But it is not sure that all phones will get that patch immediately.

So it is in your hands to keep yourself safe. You should switch off your Bluetooth when not in use and be safe from this attack. You can even check whether you are affected by this with the help of some apps like Blueborn vulnerability scanner in play store it helps you to check whether you are affected or not.


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