How to use your personal mobile data as currency? Explained

Posted on : 2017-09-11 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In today's world of money playing a vital role have you ever thought that the data in your mobile can serve you as a money?

So recently they have opened a shop named "The Data Dollar Store" it is located in London here they accept just your phone data instead of currency.

So for example, if you want to buy a mug in that store you can take your mug and give your phone to that salesman. What they do is they check out your phone and take some useful data from it like some pictures or chats etc, and use that instead of cash.

Now you may wonder what is the use of those data. This is what done by Whatsapp and Facebook they keep collecting data and provide you service for free. Your data is so valuable that its the worth of that mug.

Now you may feel like going to that shop and buying things. But wait, this shop is opened just for experimental purpose and create awareness among people that your data is so much valuable.

Maybe in future, they might open many shops like this where you can go get a T-shirt and in return give 2 to 3 photos of data of yours and come out happily.

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