What will happen if you never take a shower here after? (Story-form)

Posted on : 2017-08-30 in others
By Ajithkumar

One fine day COUNTRYMAN sat down under the tree after working hard in the field. Then her wife THALAPAKATTI called him to have his bath. He replied THALAPAKATTI that he will come after some time.

Then he went into a deep thought of what would happen if he never takes a shower.

At that moment his best friend STICK came there and sat and he asked him what he was thinking about. COUNTRYMAN asked STICK that question what he was thinking.

STICK giggled and he said that now I have come to know why you were stinking during school days.

STICK said that if you be without bathing your whole lifetime you will literally start stinking because some proteins with sugar coating get accumulated on your skin and bacterias love to eat that and later they release a bad smell.

Apart from stinking, there are even other side effects like itching, which may feel good while itching, but too much of itching will cause wounds. So when you don't bathe all those bacteria goes inside and starts forming pus and other problems.

So it is better to bathe daily. But even in this case too much of bathing is not good for health because it forms a dry skin as many good bacteria are removed during intensive baths.

While talking about this her wife THALAPAKATTI came shouting at him for still not going for a shower. After hearing all this news COUNTRYMAN realized that it is necessary to bathe and stay healthy.


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