DNA Digital Storage.

Posted on : 2017-08-27 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In this very high-speed world, everything is developing so fast. But we are still back logged in only one field that is in the field of physical storage. What if I say that you can store the whole internet in a small cup. Yeah, that is totally possible.

Biologists have found a new technique by which they can store digital data in a DNA. DNA is nothing but a chemical substance that holds all of our genes. They have found that one millimeter of DNA can store 700TB of data.

How this is done is instead of using 0's and 1's in DNA they use A T C G patterns. What it means is there is a unique pattern for each alphabet and numbers and Etc. in the form of A T C G. 1 may be represented as CGAC likewise for each character.

First the DNA synthesizer produces artificial DNA with the help of a DNA sampler they arrange the digital data in the DNA and in future the even retrieve data from it.

This whole process is still under development. If once it is successfully developed it will make a revolution. Because the huge data centers will get shrunk into a small glass jar.

Currently, this process is very expensive, but the cost is getting cheaper as we move on. Microsoft has successfully achieved by storing an mp3 file in DNA and playing it. So in the future, we may surely see such storage devices.

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