Why do we cry? Explained

Posted on : 2017-08-20 in others
By Ajithkumar

We have lots of emotions packed in us. But have you ever wondered why you cry when you are sad or when someone dies or you meet with a breakup? Crying is usually a good thing. Because when you cry some kind of drug is released and make you feel better after you finish crying.

There are basically 3 types of tears that are activated by your brain and stimuli.

1. Basil tears.

So there is basically a gland called as lacrimal gland between your eyeball and eyelid. What it does is it produces and drains your tears. Another thing it does is when a drop of tear comes you blink and spreads all over your eyes and makes it as a lubricant this is the main work of basil tears.

It keeps the cornea lubricated all the time and the lubricant has water.oil and mucous. It produces nearly 250 ml-300 ml lubricant to lubricate your eyes.

2. Reflex tears.

What is the role of this tear is it connected with our brain So when our when our eyes need extra lubricants in the situations like cutting of onions or when some dusts falls into your eyes. What it does is it sends message to our brains and more lubricant is supplied. So when there is an excess of lubricants it is sent out in the form of tears they are mostly water.

3. Emotional tears.

This type of tear is associated when you are usually sad. It is associated with your Lumbic and hypothalamus part of your brain. It also activates the automatic nervous system and it causes your heart to beat fast and make you sweat and cry.

In this process our brain releases stress hormone ACTH and Enkephalin which is released along with our tears. So this is why you feel better after you finish crying.

So it is always better to have a good cry when you feel sad.

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