What will happen if you eat a human brain?

Posted on : 2017-08-13 in others
By Ajithkumar

Each and every one of you might have tasted lots of food in your life. Have you ever wondered what will happen if you eat a human brain? Well, today let's see what will be the consequence.

So after cooking a human brain with tasty masalas, you can serve it to your friend for testing or you can taste it yourself.

Scientists have discovered that a person after having a human brain gets attacked by a disease called Kuru. Kuru is a disease that attacks your brain. What it does is it bends you damage the proteins in your brain. It also degrades the neurological function and transforms your shape of your brain.

The symptoms of this disease are tremors, severe headaches and a random burst of laughter without any reason. So as the disease develops it becomes dangerous to you and your body as it may result in malfunctioning of organs and even death.

Scientists have also made a research on what will happen if you eat other parts of a human body. They have found that no peculiar disease attacks you if you have other parts of a human. But it is not recommended as it will lead to excess fat content in your body.

So always have healthy and tasty food and have a happy life.
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