What happens to those deleted files after deleting?

Posted on : 2017-08-12 in others
By Ajithkumar

In the olden days all were written on a piece of paper. So it was easy to trash it and it will get decayed. But in the era of computer, you may have deleted the immense amount of files. Have you ever wondered where do all those files go. Today, let's see how this concept works.

Deleting is a very simple process where you right click and select delete. In this stage, it just goes to recycle bin which is a kind of temporary storage in your hard disk. So next what you do is you select empty trash. And the files get deleted completely from your folder.

Is it true that it completely gets deleted?

First, before answering this we will see how a file is stored on the hard disc. There is something called as file table it is like the index of a book. It has the location of the specific file. So when you empty your trash only these locations will be changed into empty, but your files will be in the same location. A computer technician or a hacker can easily retrieve your data.

So now you may wonder then how we get free space after deleting. What happens is when you save a new file the CPU starts overwriting this new file over those old files which don't have a pointer. So even if you permanently delete your files, it still stays in your hard disc.

Well, the truth is it is difficult to get rid of a file once it is stored. There is a way to get rid of your personal file. Formatting the disc and filling it with data for more than 10 times.

Well, this also doesn't delete those files completely as there are some parts called as bad sectors which cannot be overwritten. Once when a file is stored in a bad sector it cannot be deleted.

Nowadays this also has become a crime where hackers buy old computers for a cheap rate and get valuable details. And make money off them, by threatening the owners.

The only way to get rid of your personal info is burning the hard disc which is the best way to get rid of our information.
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