Why WIFI stops working suddenly? explained..

Posted on : 2017-07-08 in technology
By Ajithkumar

Nowadays, many of you people are using WIFI but have you ever wondered why suddenly the internet connection goes off and you don't receive the service. Well, if it is a huge disaster like earthquakes, tsunami, then nothing can be done.

The most common thing you do is you switch it off and again switch it on and the problem gets rectified. Well, the mystery is behind that small and simple action of turning it off and on.

Well, there are many factors that affect the internet service distributed by your WIFI.

1. More Number of devices.

Though many of the WIFI devices promises to support nearly 20-30 devices simultaneously, there occurs an overloading on that device when a number of devices get connected. Because wifi is also like a mini computer which starts to slow down when you overload it.


Nowadays WIFI uses dynamic IP address provided by your ISP for a certain time period and changes the IP address over a certain time period. So sometimes your WIFI wouldn't be able to update itself the new IP address so it stops providing the internet service.


As mentioned before wifi also is like a mini computer even this slows down or stops completely when it gets overheated.


Since all of them are using wifi nowadays and most of them use the 2.4GHz routers so many routers with the same frequency, the signals from the devices start colliding and stop providing you with the network services. So it is better to change the frequency or if you can use a router that supports the 5GHz band.

So when you do the simple and small action of switching it off and turning it on. Many of the above functions get solved and start working again.
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