Top 10 tech myths.

Posted on : 2017-07-22 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In today's world as the tech grows day by day, even we have many crazy myths. Today, let's talk about some of those myths.

1. More the number of cores, faster is the phone.

This myth is mostly applicable for smartphones as nowadays many brands use terms like "Octa-core processor", Hexa-core. But the truth is it is not about the number of cores. An Octa core processor will less clock speed will result in poor performance. So next time first you have to look into clock speeds.

2. Charging smartphones over night is dangerous.

Well, this is another common myth among many people as it may affect your battery. But nowadays all smart phones stop the intake of the power after the phone is completely charged. So it's fine charging overnight.

3. Refreshing Windows will result in smooth performance.

This is another biggest myth which is prevalent from ages.Well, refreshing just recreate the icons on the homepage and refreshes it. It doesn't speed up your computer.

4. More the RAM better the phone.

This is another huge myth. Nowadays, brands make use of these myths to attract customers. More RAM never results in a phone. You can click here to know more about this

5. More Megapixels better the camera.

Well, this is also a myth which exists for ages. But it is totally a myth. You can learn more about this here.

6. Incognito Mode hides you from others.

Many people have this myth that if you use incognito mode, you can be private. But the truth is it just prevents the history of your websites only on your device. But otherwise, you are perfectly the same as others.

7. More signal bars are better.

This is another myth which many of us believe. But the truth is it varies from brand to brand as they may have set different values of DBM for each point. So you can always know your strength by checking the DBM value in your settings.

8. Never use other chargers for your device.

This is totally a wrong myth. You can use other chargers for a device, but the thing you have to take care is that the charger used is not a duplicate.

9. Always eject your storage device before removing.

This is also a common myth among us. But the truth is storage devices won't die if you remove it directly without ejecting it.

10. Cell phones cause cancer.

This is also totally a myth. No research or experiment has proved that using smartphones causes cancer.And you can use it freely without any worries.


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