Again a new G ??

Posted on : 2017-08-06 in technology
By Ajithkumar.

So in the era of 4G we have been using this generation for the past 1 - 1.5 years approximately. And yeah, still a  huge demography of people is still in 3G. And this condition is getting improved slowly day by day due to incoming of new telecom sector like jio. Which has really helped India in increasing the percentage of LTE users in India. But what now? Again a new G to all those existing G's well yeah. Telecom sectors have been working on this new G called as 5G. So lets see what is new about this generation. And this new generation is a very ambitious project, and also a though process for telecom sectors too. Because they have got a huge task of improving the infrastructure.

Like installing a new signal towers because 5G is going to work on very high frequency waves. Which will help them in building stronger beam form.

So now what is beam form?
This basically means focusing the signals to particular areas where the requirement is very high and the other areas will get a considerable amount of signals.

But our present 4G are working in omnidirectional, which means irrespective of what the need is the focusing of signal is the same. So by right now you might be thinking why the signals should be focused on particular areas. Well, because our technology is growing so fast that our network should cop-up with them. So our future being AI (Artificial Intelligence) we might need data speeds up to whooping 1giga bytes per second. So to meet those conditions and to reduce the latency to great extent 5G is currently working on it. Because in the future since AI is going to help is in lots of fields a latency 0.5 second will lead us to great troubles. Because a late decision while doing an operation in operation theatre will lead to severe damages. And all these new features along with MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) technology 5G is expected to have a maximum speed up to 20 Giga bytes per second. And with with a minimum speed of 100 Mbps. Yeah by right now you after reading this you will be feeling poor about your internet speeds.

So now what is MIMO technology?
It basically means that many users can share the same signal strength from a single antenna without any loss of data speeds even in present generation this technology is used but the user per square Km is low. In 5G it is expected to support 1 million device / sq km so there is no problem of latency or speeds.

This new technology is expected to be launched in 2020 and become widespread at least by 2022. So at that time we would mostly throw our broadband connections and shift to 5G.


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