Corning Gorilla Glass explained.

Posted on : 2017-07-20 in technology
By Ajithkumar

We have always worried about our smartphones what if it falls and the screen shatters. So in order to solve that problem, a company named Corning came with a new product called as Gorilla Glass.

Well, Gorilla Glass is a kind of toughened glass which is widely used everywhere and majorly used in smart phones.
You may think that glass is a fragile material how did they make it so hard and tough. So today, let's see how and what is the technique behind it.

Production of glass is a very simple process. Three important raw materials are used they are Silicon Dioxide which is nothing but sand, the second material is Sodium Carbonate and the last material is Limestone. So chemists make a correct proportion of it and heat it at very high temperature and get the desired shape of the glass.

Now the glass obtained is the normal pure glass that is obtained which is used everywhere. The process which makes the glass strong is called as an Ion-Exchange process.

What it basically means is it removes a weak ion and replaces it with a strong ion. In this case, the sodium ion in the glass is replaced by potassium ion which is big and strong when compared to sodium. So the glass ends up being so strong.

This process is not done only by Corning but there are many other companies too who follow this process and keep producing strong glass and protect your phones,


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