More MegaPixel better tha camera? Is it a myth or truth? explained.

Posted on : 2017-07-18 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In olden days it was a huge process to click a picture of something or a person as technology developed the whole scenario is completely changed.
Nowadays each and everyone has a camera with them in the form of smartphones.

And you may have seen many advertisements of smartphones insisting on the megapixel of the camera in that device.
So today, let's see whether more the mega pixel better the picture is it a truth or a myth.

Firstly the statement "MORE MEGAPIXEL BETTER PHOTO" is totally a myth. 1 MP = 10,00,000 pixels. So when you click an image with the 10MP camera the picture will be made up of 1,00,00,000 pixels. Megapixel just determines how clear and viewable in your image when you watch the picture on a big screen or zoom it.

Though the mega pixels matter, it is not the only thing that determines the quality of your image there are many factors other than that.

1 IMAGE-SENSOR: It is one of the important components of the camera. As it takes in the light through the lens and records the picture. So the size of the sensor matters, it varies from camera to camera. The most commonly used sensor is CMOS, BIS etc.

2. APERTURE: It is another important aspect of a good camera as it determines the amount of light to be let in. It is denoted by 'f' value. The less the f value is better the pic you can get with shallow depth of field.

3. LENS: It is the most important of the camera as it is where the light is going to enter and they are denoted by 'mm'. So more the mm you can get better and wide pictures.

4. OIS: Optical Image Stabilization. This also helps us in getting better pics as it stabilizes your camera and you can get pictures without shake. They are more useful during night time as during night time the shutter speed will be high to get bright pictures at that time OIS will keep it stable.

5. FOCUS: There are different types focusing hardware like Dual Pixel auto focus, Laser auto focus, Pdaf, Cdaf. They help in focusing the image and most useful during video recording as they help in focusing the subject.

Other than this there are also other important aspects of image processing as it varies from device to device. A good camera with poor image processing will again result in poorer image.
So from next time while buying a smartphone don't just buy it because it has high MP. You have to consider other aspects as mentioned above.


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