How does Facebook earns through you? Explained.

Posted on : 2017-07-15 in others
By Ajithkumar

After reading this whole blog you will be really amazed that Facebook and WhatsApp know each and every single info about you and it even knows things which you may not know. So let's learn how Facebook and WhatsApp are able to provide their services for free and how they earn.

Let us consider that Facebook is the head who is the main source of earning for their company and Whatsapp is the one which supports it. The main source of earning for Facebook is through targeted advertisements.

Well targeted advertisements mean showing ads that are most relevant to that user. Now you may think how does Facebook know what is relevant to the user.

Well, this is achieved with the huge database Facebook has about you with the help of this huge database, it shows up the ads. The database has info about what you have posted, with whom you have cheated, what products you are liking, what product you are browsing for etc.

You may have even experienced it. After searching for a product on Amazon or Flipkart within a few hours you may have seen ads for that product in your Facebook account or even in Instagram. So when you click on that ad and visit their site, Facebook will get revenue from that company.

And after Facebook buying Whatsapp it has got more powerful because the amount of data has increased so much as it knows about your contacts and what are the activities of them and start pushing ads to them through their Facebook account and sometimes even to you.

And nowadays Facebook tracks your location and if you enter any store it knows and gets details about that store and the next day you may find a post relevant to that store. It's a right, but this is how Facebook works and it is getting powerful day by day with this database.

So the whole process gives a huge amount of revenue to Facebook. According to a statistics, it says that each user of Facebook contributes about 10 US dollars each and every month.
And along with Whatsapp, the number of users is quite enormous. This is how Facebook earns, though it is simple there are lots of complex activities Facebook undergoes with your data.

Funny thing is we can even say that Mark Zuckerburg is the secret keeper of all us. As he knows each and everything about us. And earns money through us.
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