Scan through your books. Terahertz scanning explained.

Posted on : 2017-07-14 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In this world, there are tonnes and tonnes of new technologies being invented every day like that today we are going to look at an interesting technology which can scan through the books when it is closed state.

It's amazing right. Well, this is not a new technology, it has just been developed into a working device recently. 10 years ago a group of people at MIT demonstrated this technology at a lower level. They used Terahertz radiation and passed it through the pages and they read through the pages.

So recently, scientists took this project and developed into a working model. Currently, they were able to scan up to 9 pages without opening the book. This process will not work on all the books or pages you scan through it has some requirements too.

  • First, the paper used in the book should be transparent in that Terahertz frequency range, so the waves can penetrate through the book.
  • The second and most important thing on which this process is based on is called as time resolution. This is used to separate pages from one and another. This is done by sending the waves which get reflected back by the air gaps between the paper.
  • The third thing is that the ink should be visible in that particular frequency range.

Well, you may think how the character will be recognized. So this is achieved by using the shadow of the letters that are present in the next page. Quiet interesting right. Terahertz waves are so strong that can scan minute details like this shadow and send these waves back after reflecting which will revel the sentence or paragraph.

This technology can be used mainly to scan through private documents and it can be used mostly by the spies and even to scan through very old books which are in very bad condition.

Now you may think about the privacy well as said before not all links will support this technology. So you should be safe with your private documents and use inks, which are not visible in that frequency range and keep it secret.
Hope this tech comes soon to market and help many people.
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