Selfie authentication for payments explained.

Posted on : 2017-07-13 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In this beautiful world, the technology has developed so much that nowadays the security has become so strong and the process to keep it secure is becoming more user-friendly and quick. Like fingerprint, iris, brainwaves Etc.

In addition to this now companies are working on a new type of authentication using a selfie. It's crazy right you may have many doubts how it's going to work and how it is secure, well today we will look deep into it.

Major leading companies like Mastercard, Amazon are working on this new technology to authenticate the payment with a selfie. Just during the payment, you have to take a selfie and upload it. That's it, you are done.

Well, now you may think that this is not that secure as anyone can fool it. Basically, this method is based on PIE (Pose Illumination Expression). So in order to ensure that is only you and not anyone else the counters will have some specialized screen which may ask you to do some basic activities like smiling, winking Etc. So this method will help to secure the process. It may not look practical by now, but many companies are seriously working on it.

And even Apple is working on this method for their upcoming phones. So this method helps even the smartphone industry to grow as many of them will buy a phone with a better front camera so it's easy for them during payment. And this method is expected by late 2019 or beginning of 2020.

Hope this method comes true and make the payments easier. Hope you like the post if so please do share and support us.


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