How do Breathalyzers work??

Posted on : 2017-07-10 in technology
By Ajithkumar

Recently you may have heard many accidents and many of them are due to drunk and drive cases. So in order to prevent this, many of them use mainly cops, use a device called as an Alco check to check whether the driver is not drunk and is he permitted to drive.
Today, let's learn how does this device work.

You may have seen cops using this device and asking the person to blow into the device to check the readings. You may wonder how your breath is used to measure the alcohol content

Well, when you consume the alcohol it directly doesn't go to your stomach during the travel it gets absorbed by many organs of your body. Even your lungs absorb it so when the person breathes out we can use it to find the alcohol content in the body

This device has a fuel cell or a sensor in it which can detect it. The sensor has ceramic pellet coated with tin dioxide and basically, the sensor gets heated up when you turn on the device.

So when a person blows air into it if there is no alcohol in it the reading will show as 0.0.
This device is calibrated with the atmospheric concentration of oxygen that is 20%. So the concentration of oxygen is more important in this device. When a person who has consumed alcohol blows into the machine the ethanol in the breath reduces the concentration of oxygen inside the sensor so it gives an equivalent reading.

Well, there are many types of breathalyzers but the commonly used one runs on this technique. The table below shows the amount that is legal to drive after drinking.Mostly it is recommended not to drive after drinking as it ma lead to many problems.

Nowadays people use many techniques to cheat this device, but all those techniques won't work all the time.

So don't drink too much and spoil your health. And mainly don't drink and drive as it may lead to even death. So stay safe.


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