Big data explained.

Posted on : 2017-07-07 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In olden days as the technology was not that great when compared to now the data generated by each person was very low. As the days rolled on and the technology grew the amount of data generated started increasing day by day. So now in the current scenario as the technology has grown so much and has become more affordable almost each and every person has started generating this data.

A study says that approximately 4-4.5 Exabyte of data is being generated.Well, now you may wonder what is Exabyte. So one Exabyte is equal to 1 million terabytes and each terabyte is 1000GB. So nearly we are generating a data of about 1x10e9. It's very huge right. Now let's see what are those data made up of.

These data consist of data like what you posted on Facebook, what you tweeted, what was your opinion about a product, what did you purchase in a store, what was the duration of calls you made. Like each and every small data sums up to a huge amount of data.

In olden days as we ha a small amount of data, it was easy for us to process as now there is a ton of data, we are really in need of a special kind of processing which can process this data.

Well, you may think why we need these data. So these types of big data are usually used for research and development or to know what people think about your product, it even helps for companies to set up their new plants in perfect location knowing this data.

Now, what about your privacy. Well, since it's not about a single person data and it is a collection of tons and tons of data it is hard for people to find data about specific people and so you are totally safe.

And BIG DATA is in the blooming part of its life as it has become a very important thing. It has a specialized language called as "HADOOP" and even you can start processing these data. Major search engines like Google and other big websites like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc., Is mainly based on this DATA and they improve the user experience by showing data that are relevant to that particular person.

In future BIG DATA along with AI is going to play a major role in all of our lives.
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