You are being watched by your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

Posted on : 2017-07-05 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In today's world, almost each and every person has access to the internet.
And one who provides you the service is called as the service provider.
Do you think does your ISP know all your details well today we will learn what are the things does your ISP knows?

The answer to the above question is mostly YES. It depends on what type of websites you use. Basically, each user will have an IP address of their own and they are unique too. Your ISP knows what activities you do through your IP address. So your ISP knows that you visited a particular website at so and so time as these details are unencrypted but your ISP doesn't know what you shared or posted because this information is end to end encrypted so your ISP cannot know information about that.

This is applicable only to those sites which are secure and encrypted you can know whether the site is encrypted or not easily. If there is a secure symbol or lock symbol near your website address then you are safe. When you use unencrypted websites your ISP will know each and every detail you do there. Now you may be nervous knowing this as all of us should have done something notorious.

But the work of the ISP is not to sit and look at what you keep doing as each of them has millions of subscribers. Now you may think what is the use of this data then.
Well, ISP's sell these details to huge advertisers and many search engines like Google so they use this huge data and show up ads that suit you. And another useful thing is that your ISP uses this detail to regulate the traffic so there are stable speeds.

If you are willing to keep yourself anonymous then there is a way for that too. You can use a VPN which forms a secure tunnel between you and the destination and your IP address will be replaced by some random IP address so your ISP will not know that it's you.

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