3 ways you can irritate your friends with the technology.

Posted on : 2017-07-04 in others
By Ajithkumar

Do you need to prank your friend with some small and easy prank, then these are the three easy methods.

CAUTION: We don't encourage any of them to try this prank as this may result in any way. So you have to do it at your own risks as we don't support acts like this.


So after a small fight do you need to irritate your friend by just crashing his Whatsapp. This can be done just with a text. This text will crash your friend's WhatsApp and can be easily recovered.

First, you have to download the Whatsapp bomber APK from Google, as it won't be available in the play store. Next, you have to install this app if it shows a pop up saying that unknown sources can't be installed, you can go to settings and disable that option and then continue the installation.

After installing, open the app and you have to use emoji of your wish and type it randomly.
Then in the amount section, type the number if times you need to multiply it basically 3000 will be perfect then hit the Send it button.
If the send it button doesn't work, try reducing the amount value, then hit Send, it and choose your contact to send.
Basically, this won't crash your friends Whatsapp you have to copy the message three to four times and send it.
You are DONE!!..
This will crash your friends WhatsApp and the to recover from this its very simple you just need to delete that chat and you will be back to normal.


So this is a simple one this works best in Apple iPhones, but it even works in many of the Android smartphones.
It is very easy to do just you have to send the link to the video to your friend and you are done BOOM!!.
As it is not advisable to do these things as it may lead your iPhone in anyway as it is a VIRUS.
So we are not supposed to share the link. But many videos are available online you can use that at your own risk.


So this is basically a USB device which has a DC to AC converter, capacitors, and transistors.
Basically, when you plug in this USB into a pot it draws current from the device and charges the capacitor with a negative charge. When the capacitor is charged fully it transfers it charge through the transistor and this process is repeated until the device dies.
This may not work on all electronic devices because some of the USB ports are protected from this as they prevent the excess current flow, but most of the electronic devices which are 3-4 years old gets fried and you can't recover it.

That's it friends hope you people enjoyed this post. This post is not to say that you people must try these pranks. We are just educating you people out there to be safe from stuff like this. 
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