Qualcomm's new baby

Posted on : 2017-07-06 in mobiles
By Abishek Kashyap.

So recently we had snapdragon unveiling it's two new chips. One is snapdragon 660 and another is snapdragon 630. So today we are going to look at snapdragon 660.

The Processor executes what you want your smart phone to do. Early phones were the cousins of landline telephone. And now the tradition changes into different core processors hexa-core being the latest. As many companies manufacture the processor QUALCOMM'S SNAPDRAGON has been so famous in it. Its latest was 635 and 835. Then now its new baby is ready to launch 660. SNAPDRAGON 660.

High-end feature in Qualcomm sd660 mobile platform make it our most powerful tire platform till date. It has been designed in such way that it leap in performing advanced photography and enhanced gaming. Adding to this it gives a great and long standing battery life and a tremendous LTE power. SD660 gives a 35% more graphical performance, Wi-Fi downlink speed compared to its predecessor and it also offers a twice LTE comparing with its older generation.


  • *LTE category 13 (uplink), 12 (downlink)
  • *Supporting cellular technology: LTE FDD,LTE TDD,LTE broadcast,CDMA 1X,EV-DO,GSM,WCDMA.
  • *WI-FI This chip supports both the 2.4GHz, 5GHz bands
  • *BLUETOOTH 5.0 Which is a new generation in Bluetooth. You can connect up-to two devices at the same time. And it has a longer range when compared to previous generations. And now the file transfer speeds are high
  • *USB USB 3.1
  • *CAMERA Up-to 24 MP camera, 2x ISP, 14Bit, QUALCOMM'S 160 image sensor and clear sight *RAM 8 GB
  • *CHARGING is based on QUALCOMM's quick charging 4 technology
  • *GPU Adreno 512 GPU *PROCESSOR it is a14nm so which can reduce the power consumption and increase the performance
  • *DISPLAY 2560*1600, Quad HD,
  • Display support up-to 4K. 

So now here you may wonder what do those stars really mean. So basically all mobile vendors won't buy the high end processors Because it may end up in producing costly phones So in order to cut the price down vendors basically reduce the specifications depending on their needs So these specs are the maximum limit up-to which the processors can perform But it's in the hands of those vendors who decide the specs

This sums up the some of the most important specs of snapdragon 660. So you may wonder to which category of phones is going to get this chips. Well, some of the mid-range premium smartphones are going to have these chips in them. Currently we hope one phone has this chip that is Oppo R11. So in future we may expect some good powerful phones in this price segment


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