What is a fork bomb?

Posted on : 2017-06-19 in technology
By Mithun Khanna

Well, obviously it is not a bomb, so what is it? It is a simple BATCH file virus which can Most definitely crash your device.

This bomb is equivalent to a DOS (Denial Of Service) An attack on your own device. For those who want to try here Is the code. All you need is a notepad

%0!%0 (That's it)

The above code is a short form
goto s

Type this 4 lines in a notepad and save this file as what name you like and save the file with an extension .bat What we have done here is that we have created an infinite loop, With 's' as a checkpoint. So every time the loop is run, it calls upon itself and thus Another loop runs. These two loops now call upon itself totalling To four loops which continues an exponential growth.

After 10 loops are made a total of 1024 can be found. Even if our RAM size is four or more gigabytes, it is unlikely that the program Crosses 50 iterations which wouldn't take more than a few milliseconds, So almost instantly crashing your computer. So we should be safe from files like this to protect our computer We do not recommend you to try it in your own computer you can try it in virtual machines

Hope you enjoyed this. And do not use this as a prank as it may crash your computer.


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