Using torrents will put you in jail for 3 years. Is it true?

Posted on : 2017-06-20 in others
By Ajithkumar

You people might have heard lots of things about torrents. Many people would have even used this torrent, basically many people use this for movies and software so let's see how it works and is it legal or not.

First, let's understand what is a torrent and how it works. Let us assume that you have a file it may be of any kind and you are willing to share it to the world. But it needs you to have a very strong server so it can accommodate many users at the same time without any error.

So a person who doesn't have such amenities what he does is, he comes to some torrenting site and create a torrent of that particular file. And he uploads it to that site so when an X person goes to that site and starts to download that file during that particular download what happens means the file from the uploader computer gets transferred to the person who is downloading it. And the person who is downloading the file after finishes the download that particular device starts uploading that file so now there are two uploaders.

So now when another person comes to the same site and downloads the same content he downloads the file simultaneously, he even uploads the file which he might not know it. So now there are three uploaders this process continues and there will be lots of uploaders when it reaches to a huge number of people. But the Uploader is not a permanent and fixed thing because the person who has downloaded the file after downloading the file if he removes the torrent from the torrent software the upload will not happen.

So in common terms, it is represented as seeders and leechers or peers. So seeders are the number of uploaders and peers are the number of people downloading it. so when choosing a torrent you should always choose a torrent which has a huge number of seeds and peers for high-speed download.

Now you may think this is a simple process and why we are not allowed to do this. Using torrent has been always legal till you upload your own files or upload copyright-free files. The problem comes when you start spreading files which are paid for software, games, movies especially. This is an illegal process and a person can have a fine up to 3 lakh and prison life of up to 3 years. Well, though acts like this are all over the world since the population rate is so high it is not that easy to implement this rule.

So you should be the person who should prevent these acts and educate others by sharing posts like this. Though our government is trying their best to eradicate this by blocking sites etc. But the website owners are so powerful they somehow manage to come out of it and start it in a new way. So we are the people who should prevent the piracy and educate others.

Jai hind.


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