How does google speech recognition works?

Posted on : 2017-06-22 in technology
By Ajithkumar

You people might have heard lots of things about torrents. Many people would have even used this torrent, basically many people use this for movies and software so let's see how it works and is it legal or not.

In today's world, almost each and every person has a smartphone and the technology has developed so much that nowadays we can just use our voice to know lots of information. So today, let's see how Google assistant works.

Google assistant is a developed and more advanced version of Google now. Speech recognition is something that is being in existence for a long time, but during those days computers required exact modulation of how you pronounce a sentence and we had just basic commands like start and stop

As technology developed and AI (Artificial Intelligence) came into existence and Google use made of this technology and developed their assistant So this speech recognition is so intelligent when compared to its previous generation that it can understand any type of modulation all over the world.

This was achieved with the help of the huge amount of database. Whenever a person uses this Google assistant the modulation and the information of what that person asked was saved in the server this was a continuous process and now there is a huge amount of data with tons of modulation of many voices

So this helped Google in making its assistant better day by day. And the latest Google assistant also this feature remembering of your previous question so it relates to your next question and it answers. Still, google is developing on this feature to give its user the best experience and Google also started using it in its new product like Google home.

Hope in future many robots has a feature like this and we may even have many robot friends in our future and let's wait for that Jai hind

Jai hind.


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