A game that can force you to suicide

Posted on : 2017-06-17 in others
By Ajithkumar

In today's life internet is everywhere and each and everyone uses it from a small child to old aged people There are lots of good things and bad things too, it's in our hands to learn how to use it.

So this trend was started 8-10 months ago and this was targeted mainly at the teenagers aging between 15-18. The game is called in various names like THE BLUE WHALE, THE SECRET HOUSE, WAKE ME UP AT 4.20 etc. This game has killed nearly about 80-100 teenagers in Russia, though it's not confirmed that the suicide is because of this game they are believing that this may be a reason as those children were in this community. This game cannot be found in play store or in Google, it is like a community of people you will get a link to it and you can join to it.

After joining you will be connected to an administrator who will give you daily challenges. At the beginning, the challenges will be quite simple like wake up at 4.20 in morning watch a horror film and you have to provide proof for it that you have completed As days go on the tasks get complicated like you have to jump from the 5th floor and you have to cut your hand in the shape of blue whale, etc. And you have to take a video or a picture of it and send

You may wonder that this is fake, but this game is not to be taken lightly as there are so many teenagers just fall into this trap at the beginning they just take it easy and complete the task. And on the 50th day, your task will be to attempt suicide. It sounds weird right but yeah that's the truth.

And once when you have entered the game you will not be able to exit the game as you will be threatened by the administrator that we have all your details in future, you may face many problems believing this all the teenagers get scared and complete the task

There are examples of the teenager a girl from Russia who took this challenge and on 50th day she posted a status on FB saying that "I'm done with it" and she committed suicide there are many victims to this So if you are being a parent, you have to take care of your children in what activities he has indulged in Because games like these were targeted to those children who weren't mentally strong

Now recently the developer of the game was arrested by the Russian police and he stated that "this game was developed to eliminate people who don't have strong emotions as they don't want them on this earth" Though the developer is arrested still the game is alive on many websites so it is you who have to be safe on the internet and have a happy life

So use the internet wisely and your life means a lot to your parents so stay always from games like this



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