How does the fingerprint scanners work?

Posted on : 2017-06-17 in mobiles
By Ajithkumar

Nowadays fingerprint scanner has become part of your life. As many phones nowadays have a fingerprint scanner for security purpose.
So have you ever wondered how these fingerprint scanners work??
Now let's learn together.

The fingerprint is something that can be found in all of your fingers when you look closely at your fingers so these patterns of your fingerprint are used for unlocking your device.

You may wonder what if there is any other person with the same fingerprint as mine. Don't worry about it none of the fingerprints resemble each other and even identical twins have different fingerprints because of the difference in pressure at different areas in the womb which causes the ridges swirls and turns in your fingers. Nowadays there are different type of fingerprint scanner the most common are capacitive scanner and ultrasonic scanners are used in some new places

The fingerprint scanner is made up of thousands and thousands of cells, which are smaller than the ridges in your fingerprints and these cells send electrical pulses to detect where the ridges are. And yeah you are totally safe from those electrical pulses it won't harm you These electrical pulses are used and they are converted into very high quality images which will be the primary image of your fingerprint basically it acts like a camera but you can't take selfies with it.

So when next time when you use your fingerprint to unlock your phone the scanner again takes a picture of your fingerprint and verifies it with the primary image whether it is wrong or correct. During the long course of time, though your fingerprint doesn't change it may have the impact of dust, water, smudges, etc. so the scanners won't check each and every detail it checks only important details like starting point of the ridge and ending shape of the main core etc. This is how capacitive scanner works.

In the case of ultrasonic scanners ultrasonic waves are emitted in order to create a 3D image of your fingerprint and use it to verify which is more safe than capacitive scanner.

So this is how fingerprint scanners work and we cannot say they are completely safe your finger is enough to unlock it, but nowadays the scanners check whether the finger is alive or dead so to increase safety. And even hackers use high quality images of your fingerprint sometimes, so it is in your hands to keep it safe and have a secure life.



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