More RAM - faster the phone. Is it a myth??

Posted on : 2017-06-16 in mobiles
By Ajithkumar

So today we are going to solve one of the great myths
We have seen many people still looking at ads of phones with 4GB of RAM and believing that MORE THE RAM FASTER THE PHONE WILL BE

So lets first understand what is RAM
So RAM is a type of storage device which stores your recent activity, it is connected with your CPU and stores the most recent process and so when again returning to that particular application you can have the previous data where you left This is the process of RAM

And another thing we have to understand is RAM is an important thing, but in computers RAM results in the faster process, but in the case of smartphones, it is not applicable because it runs a totally a different CPU when compared to computers

So a smartphone can have a minimum of 2-3 GB RAM, which is the lot more than enough for our kind of usage But many brands use the capacity of RAM as USP (Unique Selling Point). Some brands even started selling ohones with RAM upto 8gb wich is not a so important but they use this as a feature to attract customers. Yeah RAM is very important in our smartphones, but only that is not enough, we should have a good CPU to support it a huge capacity of RAM with the poor CPU will not result in the great working device

And another important thing in the working of RAM, especially in smart phones is RAM MANAGEMENT so it is based on the User Interface and how the device manages the RAM Because a 6GB RAM with poor RAM management will result in poor working because RAM management means how the CPU uses the complete storage of the RAM and saves its previous data in it if the management is poor the apps won't be in memory for a long time a great example if this was SAMSUNG NOTE 4 and S6 which had poor ram management

We even have phones with best RAM management and CPU example, all APPLE smartphones have just 2GB of RAM you may think your budget phone has 3GB of RAM it will perform great, but the CPU and the management of RAM is so fine that 2GB is a lot more than enough for them

So we can conclude by saying that more the RAM, faster is the phone is totally a myth, it's fully based on your CPU and how the RAM management is.



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