High end flagship phones is it a waste of money?

Posted on : 2017-12-06 in mobiles
By Abishek Kashyap


Nowadays smartphones are being used by each and every person. It has been drastically improved in many ways like its cost, features, SOC's etc. As we are using smartphone we should come to know about many things.
These smartphones can be shortly classified into

1. A flagship phone is one which is the highest and the costliest phones in a respective company for e.g in SAMSUNG we can say S8 and S8+ are the flagships.
2. Mid-range phones can be denoted by a range value from 10k to 18k with good specs and features. Like REDMI NOTE 3, 4, MOTO G4, G5.
3. Then, a budget denotes the cheapest phones, but with better specs which can satisfy a nominal buyer e.g REDMI 4.


As I mentioned about the mid-range phones are the mid cost phones. They have many features which satisfy the normal buyers and even a flagship lover. Nowadays these phones are coming with a good SOC's, camera, good ram.

For an instance, we can take REDMI note 3 it was launched last year and it was first in the segment, which changed the view on budget phones all were surprised to see its performance for that price which had a 32GB storage, 3GB RAM, 16MP rear camera, 5MP front, with Adreno 510 (GPU) and runs on Snapdragon 650 in which these excellent specs are being sold just for 11,999 INR.

Maximally all the phones in this series have the same specs within 18k. Now, coming to the flagships these phones are nothing but having costly phones with a little bit advanced feature compared with the midrange phones. For instance, let us take S8 which has an iris scanner and a Snapdragon 821's equivalent Exynos processor. Here, my question arises, is it so necessary to have an iris scanner.
Is all the users having any important file or stuffs no except his/her ridiculous SELFIES not more than that. But, one thing that we cannot deny is that we can show off.

Coming to the main story having a 16MP camera is more sufficient which can record up to 4k pixels. If we are desperately in need of better quality we can afford a DSLR camera. What say people?.coming to it its chipset having SD650 or 635 is not a big difference in having SD821. It may differ in efficiency, graphical performance and with some sensors which is not even necessary one.

But on the other hand, we also have many uses of it like we can use it like a mini computer and the camera can be used anywhere and instantly even in the rain as it is waterproof and they are so glamorous, so it attracts many eyes and they have great customer service but the question here is is it necessary to pay so high price for these phones. It comes down to customers choice some may like it or may not too.So for people like this there is high end mid-rangers like MI 6 and upcoming Oneplus 5 which has the same specifications like flagships but priced at very low rates

Finally, and we can sum up here that buying flagship just to show off or just to take a selfie in the mirror with showing the brand logo of that phone not more than that, and in this way the companies get free advertisement through you without any investment. So just wake up people, if we buy a mid-ranger we can, we can save lots of money and have the same kind of performance. So this post is just to make you people realize that only high end phones can do wonders and I'm not saying that you should not buy those high-end phones too.
If you people stop buying phone is those segments automatically the companies will be pushed to reduce their price to a great extent and so all the users will be favoured


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