Does cable size matters??

Posted on : 2017-06-06 in technology
By Ajithkumar

In the world filled with tons and tons of cables, and cables lying everywhere all around you. It has become a part of your day to day life where you use cables for each and everything starting with the smart phones chargers till the headphones which we use at night.

So while using Analogue cables or USB cables or HDMI cables have you ever thought that the length size matters. You may have seen even some people using USB cable extenders. So does the length affect the quality of transfer through the cable ?? So today let's understand about various cables.

So first, let's understand the basics, how the data is transferred. Though the main work of the cables is to transfer data from A to B, each cable transfer data in different ways. Starting with the analogue cables which are being used for very long time the data are transferred by means of analogue signals Ex. Speaker wires, VGA cables, etc.

But in the case of USB cables which are the most used the data is transferred in the form of electrical signals.

In the case of HDMI cables the data are sent in the form of binary i.e. 0 and 1. And finally in optical cables the data is transferred in the form of light. Ex. Thunderbolt cables.

So now in the case of analogue cable because the data are sent in the form of analogue signals which are based on the variation of voltage. So when the cable size increases due to the interference of variation of voltage the degradation increases. This can be fixed by using shorter and thicker cables.

Now coming to the digital field i.e HDMI and USB and optical cables they are not affected as much as analogue cables. But still length matter to them too. An HDMI cable which is over 45feet will result in poor image quality and even blocky images sometimes. This can be rectified by using an HDMI repeater or an active cable.

Even with USB cables the size matters. Each USB type has a specific length, which can give you good quality data transfer. For example USB 2.0 has a recommended length of 15 feet. And USB 3.0 has a recommended length of 9feet and USB 3.1 has a recommended length of 3 feet. Beyond which due to the electrical reflections it will result in degradation. And finally in optical cables more than the length the build matters . A poor quality long optical cable will result in very poor data transfer due to the bad internal reflection. So usage of good quality cables is recommended. Hope this post helped you out in learning something new and share this information with your friends.


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