Snapdragon's new ISP spectra explained

By Ajithkumar.

Today Snapdragon unveiled their new camera ISP and modules. So what ISP (Image Signal Processing) means is that it is one of the important components of the camera.

What it does is, it receives all the information from the lens and process into an image. So ISP is one of the important things that determine the quality of the image you take.

So today Snapdragon came with the new Spectra ISP which is specially designed for their upcoming flagship chips like SD 840 and the series. They presented 3 new technologies.

1. Improved Iris authentication.

So now SD has taken the Iris authentication to a different and easier level. So with the new chipset, Iris authentication is possible, even if the user is wearing a glass.

2. Passive Depth Sensing.

So in this concept, the upcoming cameras will be having an infrared camera that can receive infrared waves and along with the camera, there will be an infrared emitter which emits infrared waves. So the camera receives all the information back and can help in producing a lot better depth sensing and a 3-D image.

3. Active Depth Sensing.

This was the most interesting and innovative concept which is most awaited to be launched. So what this sensor does is after capturing an image it creates a 3-D map of itself and can give an output of 360 degrees 3-D image from your smartphone camera. Which will be very useful for designers to show their 3-D model in real life.

As days pass by the smartphones are getting more powerful device as it has tons of features packed into a small form factor. This series of the lineup is expected to be launched in 2018 and we can see smartphones with all these modules and more innovations.

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