Will it explode again?? Samsung note 7 relaunch.

By Ajithkumar.

After a very miserable product from Samsung now the Korean manufacturer is going to relaunch the same phone but it is refurbrished and it is expected between July 7th - 10th.
Well, basically Note 7 was a excellent phone when it was launched the whole world was looking at it and all were admiring that beauty as it looked so beautiful and it had a great performance too.

But suddenly somewhere from a part of the world, it started. First, at the beginning, there were only 1-2 complaints as days passed by many people started complaining about the explosion of the phone. First, Samsung gave a justification that the users were using third party chargers then more complaint raised stating that the phone started exploding during using it.

This made the condition even worse and Samsung decided to call of the mobiles and nearly 2 million phones were called back and after a week or so again Samsung came up with a new phone saying that they have fixed the problem But it wasn't true and again there were lots of complaints and finally, Samsung decided to boycott the phone and returned the user's thier money.

So let's see what caused the explosion The problem was with an IC that was attached to the battery. Basically, the function of the chip is to prevent the overcharging and control the temperature of the lithium so to prevent the explosion. As the IC didn't work properly, it resulted in the explosion of the battery.

Now Samsung has announced to launch the refurbished units of the Note 7 and they call it the Note 7 FE (Fan Edition). As the name says, this phone is mainly targeted to its fans and they have less stock and they are priced at around the 600 dollar mark. It is going to be launched in South Korea first and later they have decided to sell outside of Korea except for the United States.

Talking about the specs, nothing has changed much from the original Note 7 the only change is in the battery department it has the same Exynos 8890 processors with Mali T880 handling the GPU.
It has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage with expandable memory slot.
It has a 12MP f1.7 aperture rear camera with OIS.
It has a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED QHD display.
The battery is reduced to 3200mah from 3500mah.
Other features like Iris scanner Samsung pay are still present
It is going to run on the latest Android version 7.1.

So let's see whether Samsung makes a comeback with its Note series by solving this problem. Till that we have to wait and watch